35 years of coating innovation results in ultimate steel protection

SteelKote represents 35 years of innovation, resulting in coating systems for ultimate protection of steel. The SteelKote product portfolio has continuously been improved during the last three decades and has proven itself under the most severe atmospheric circumstances.

Ultimate steel protection
SteelKote systems protect steel over a very long period. It enables you to have intervals of up to 25 years for major maintenance. This sharply reduces total cost of ownership. Protection under extreme heavy atmospheric circumstances is covered with NORSOK certified SteelKote systems.

Reduced environmental impact
By providing high content of solids and the use of thin-film technology, SteelKote enables you to use less coating per square meter. This leads to a significant reduction in VOC emissions and costs per square meter.

The SteelKote coatings have endured the most intensive tests and practical trials. The test reports show high scores in the field of corrosion resistance, flexibility and UV-resistance.

800 SteelKote EP FC

801 SteelKote TC Primer

802 SteelKote EP

803 SteelKote EP AC+

804 SteelKote EP Universal

805 SteelKote EP ZN HS

806 SteelKote EP Miox

807 SteelKote PC HS

808 SteelKote PC HS UV+

809 SteelKote PC SX UV+

810 SteelKote PU Finish

811 SteelKote PU Finish 30 UV+

812 SteelKote PU Finish 60 UV+

813 SteelKote PU Finish 90 UV+

814 SteelKote IM TR

815 SteelKote IM Mastic AL

816 SteelKote IM Mastic Miox

817 SteelKote PU Primer Surfacer HS

818 SteelKote Pacific 90 UV+

819 SteelKote PU AC

820 SteelKote TC Express HB

822 SteelKote EP LZN Primer

846 SteelKote MC HS Zinc Primer

847 SteelKote MC AL Primer

848 SteelKote MC HB Primer

849 SteelKote MC HB Midcoat

850 SteelKote MC Barrier Black